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Picture of Who's Afraid of Braille Music

Who's Afraid of Braille Music

by Richard Taesch and William McCann


Format: eBraille (download)

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Note: This book is only available in electronic braille format!

Read braille but frightened of reading music? Love music but baffled by those bumps? Do you want to help someone learn to read braille music but don't know where to start? Are you a blind musician who wants to know how to read your music for yourself?

Who's Afraid of Braille Music? introduces the concepts of reading, writing, singing and playing braille music to aspiring blind musicians ages 8 to 108. It guides parents, teachers and anyone else who wants to help the braille reader get started. You really can learn to read music in braille even if people have warned you that it's "SO hard."

Use this book if you are teaching introductory music classes, if you want a quick braille music reference, or if you and your students need to know just enough braille music to get by.