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Shop now for Mother's Day: May 13th!

Photo of lilac blossoms.
Photo of My Wish- Strength necklace   "My Wish" Bracelets or Necklaces
Stainless steel, $45 plus s/h
These beautiful,silver-plated, stainless steel bracelets and necklaces capture the sentiment of your wish for them, in grade 2 braille. Choose your braille message: hope, love, peace, strength, or faith.
Photo of Helen Keller love quote pendant   "Love"/Helen Keller Quote Pendant
Stainless steel, $25 plus s/h

Also available in Dark Copper, $32 plus s/h
Photo of braille alphabet bangle   Braille Alphabet Bangle
$32 plus s/h

Made of tarnish-free stainless steel with hinged opening, this bracelet has the ENTIRE alphabet in braille! It's sure to complete any outfit! In either 6.5" or 7.5" sizes.
Photo of cuffs  
Braille Cuff Bracelets

Silver-plated or gold-plated, made from solid brass. Braille message on the outside, recessed print on the inside. Adjust by simply flexing the bracelet to your size!
$30.00 each, plus s/h

Choose your favorite message:
  • Love (silver-plated only)
  • Dream big
  • Never give up
  • Walk by faith
  • New! Make your own path
    (silver-plated only)

    See all of our braille jewelry!
    you are perfect magnet Tennyson Magnet. Magnet says you rock.   DECORATIVE MESSAGE MAGNETS
    Slip an inspirational print/braille magnet into a card! For Mother's Day, we suggest these:

    MOM bumper stickers
      "MOM" Bumper Stickers
    These 6" x 4" braille" bumper stickers from show the word "MOM" in print and simbraille — order one for your favorite teachers! (Note that the braille is completely visual, not embossed. Also available are "TVI" and "DAD" versions.) $6.00 each
    cover of are you my mother book   BOOKS TO READ WITH MOM & GRANDMA

    Are You My Mother?/Eres tu mi mama?
    Print/braille picture book in UEB and Spanish: $16.99

    A baby bird has a number of adventures while looking for its mother after falling out of its nest in this beloved P.D. Eastman classic.
    cover of Amazing Grace book   Amazing Grace
    Print/braille picture book in UEB: $17.99

    Grace is a girl who loves stories - whether she reads them, hears them from her grandmother, or makes them up herself. When the other kids in her class say that Grace couldn't possibly play Peter Pan in the school play, Grace - empowered by the love of her mother and Nana - shines during her audition, leaving no doubt in anyone's mind who will play Peter Pan!
    cover of babysit a grandma book   How to Babysit a Grandma
    Print/braille picture book in UEB: $16.99

    With the useful tips found in this book, you're guaranteed to become an expert grandma-sitter in no time. The sweet joke here is that the Grandma in the story is really just playing along, letting her granddaughter think she's the caregiver!
    cover of last stop onmmarket street book   Last Stop on Market Street
    Print/braille picture book in UEB: $16.99

    This energetic ride through a bustling city highlights the wonderful perspective only grandparent and grandchild can share.
    cover of for women only book   For Women Only: Health Information Just for Women
    In braille or BRF: $20.00 and up Women are built differently than men, but many people don't know that, for example, a heart attack or stroke may have different warning signs in a woman. That's why the editors at Nutrition Action Healthletter have put together this updated collection of NAH articles that spotlight health issues that matter to women, featuring advice from some of the top experts in women's health.
    Includes 11 tactile graphics.
    Try these two FREE offers for new subscribers! Please call Customer Service at 617-266-6160 ext 520 to sign up for the free subscriptions.

    Syndicated Columnists Weekly
    Usually $24 for 52 issues - now FREE for one year for new subscribers only!
    Provocative editorial columns from major newspapers.

    Our Special Magazine
    Usually $15 for six issues — now FREE for one year for new subscribers only!
    Written and edited especially for blind women covering career issues, fashion, parenting, cooking, handicrafts, travel, fiction, and health


    Children's Book of the Month!

    The Snowy Day

    Cover image of 'The Snowy Day'

    Price: $7.99
    Format: Print/Braille

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