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The guiding purposes of National Braille Press are to promote the literacy of blind children through braille and to provide access to information that empowers blind people to actively engage in work, family, and community affairs.

The Braille Me

photo of the Braille Me

New: NBP is now the distributor of the Braille Me in 25 countries!

This new refreshable braille reader slashes costs by using groundbreaking new magnetic technology to power the 20-cell, 6-dot braille display. Read more about the Braille Me.

B2G Birthday Sale!

b2g on a table with snowy overlay

The B2G is the most affordable, high quality Smart Braille display on the market — now only $1195! Read more about the B2G sale here.

Featured Picture Book Descriptions: Grumpy Monkey

picture from Grumpy Monkey shows Jim Panzee, a small monkey with big ears and messy brown fur, hangs from a branch. He stares straight ahead with a frown on his face. A single eyebrow runs straight above his heavy-lidded eyes.

Blind kids benefit from picture descriptions every bit as much as sighted kids do from seeing the pictures. Our Great Expectations program makes describing images easy, offering picture descriptions for Grumpy Monkey, written by a descriptive audio expert.

Volunteers at Work

Check out this cool video of volunteers from Tufts Health Plan assembling copies of the kids book, Miss Nelson is Missing! This book is included in one of the free braille book bags distributed to blind kids through the ReadBooks! Program. Thanks, Tufts Health Plan, for heping to put braille into the hands of blind children!

Braille Business Cards Make an Impression!

brailled business cards

Looking for a way to stand out at the next meeting? Get the conversation started with braille business cards. As an internationally-recognized producer of custom, high-quality braille materials, we can provide unique business cards printed with your design, large type, and pressed with braille. Make a lasting impression with inclusive design that looks as good as it feels.

Celebrating NBP's History

The cover of the 1958 issue of The Weekly with raised text and Braille that reads October 27, 1958 Number 43. A current events magazine for the blind, published weekly for free distribution by the National Braille Press Inc. Francis B. Ierardi, Manager. 88 St Stephen Street Boston 15, Mass Entered March 17, 1917 at the Post Office of Boston, Massachusetts as free matter under the Act of August, 24, 1912.

Click to enlarge the image

The Clintonville (Wisconsin) Public Library recently discovered an issue of The Weekly dated October 27, 1958! The Weekly was the precursor to our current Syndicated Columnists Weekly. It's wonderful to be reminded of the long history here at National Braille Press, and feel that moment’s nostalgia for the weekly newsletter that started it all for us!

Mueller Speaks: Read The Mueller Report's Executive Summaries in Braille

book cover of the mueller report

As Robert Mueller prepares to testify to Congress, read the two Introductions and Executive Summaries of the his report, in downloadable electronic braille (BRF). Whatever our personal politics, whether we think it has been oversold or underestimated, perhaps we should at least agree that this is a document of some magnitude, and that it would be best to form our own opinion of it.

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