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Three rotating images: Mom and daughter, braille notetaker, and girl reading braille
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The guiding purposes of National Braille Press are to promote the literacy of blind children through braille and to provide access to information that empowers blind people to actively engage in work, family, and community affairs.

Video Highlights

Top Ten Tips for Reading Aloud
Learn the top ten tips for reading storybooks to blind children so they don't miss out on key information often conveyed in pictures.

Logo for CBBC 30th anniversary, shows a number 30 coming out of an open book

National Braille Press

Touch of Genius Application Available

Win $20,000 for an innovation that will further braille or tactile literacy! Read more about the Touch of Genius Prize for Innovation.

Blindness and the Brain

Photo of Lotfi Merabet giving an eye exam to a patient.

NBP Trustee Lotfi Merabet is an optometrist and scientist and recently did a TEDx Cambridge talk, Blindness is Just Another Way of Seeing. Watch Lotfi's talk on how blind people use the visual cortex of the brain for non-visual tasks.

Cook with a MasterChef!

Book cover for Recipes from my Home Kitchen shows Christine Ha at her counter.

Millions of viewers watched Christine Ha sweep the thrilling Season 3 finale of MasterChef. Now you can bring her recipes home for the holidays!

After losing her sight in her twenties, Ha had to re-learn to cook without sight. Using adaptive techniques, coupled with years of culinary experience, Christine turns out dishes that speak to the best of Asian and American comfort food. Read the recipe list.

New! Print/Braille Holiday Cards

The front of the holiday card, shows the word joy in print and braille.

Our inaugural holiday cards send a simple but elegant message: Joy.

Sending cards where print and braille stand side by side, as equals, conveys a powerful message. Don't miss out on the occasion - spread some joy this season and wish special colleagues and friends a very happy new year. Read a detailed description of the cards - and get your set today!

Great Expectations!

Great Expectations logo is a drawing of a blind girl and a dog on top of a big braille book. The tagline is, Bringing picture books to life for blind kids.

Great Expectations brings popular picture books to life using a multi-sensory approach — songs, tactile play, picture descriptions, body movement, engaged listening — all designed to promote active reading experiences for children with visual impairments.

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