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The guiding purposes of National Braille Press are to promote the literacy of blind children through braille and to provide access to information that empowers blind people to actively engage in work, family, and community affairs.


the B2G

Video Highlights

Every book is a world, and opening that world starts with you! Here are 10 Tips to help make reading aloud easier and more fun for both you and your child.

Great Expectations logo is a drawing of a blind girl and a dog on top of a big braille book. The tagline is, Bringing picture books to life for blind kids.

Read about NBP's literacy program for blind kids.

New! Tactile Caliper

photo of the tactile caliper

The Tactile Caliper is a simple to use, accurate low-cost measuring ruler that provides a braille output to 1/16th of an inch. Read more about the Caliper.

The Crayons are Back!

Book cover for the day the crayons came home

This popular sequel finds Duncan facing a whole new group of crayons — asking to be rescued! Kids (and adults) have fallen in love with these books and it's also a great way to talk to your blind child about color. Add our tactile, braille, and large print coloring book with 9 unique tactile pictures for a fun family activity.

Image of fire truck from I Am A Crayon

Save the Date!

Photo of comedian Jack Gallagher

NBP 2016 Gala, October 28th in Boston, featuring comedian, Jack Gallagher. Learn more - and and link to photos of last year's gala!

Braille = Independence

photo of NBP staff members Chris Devin and Joe Quintanilla at Legal Sea Foods table.

Information in braille helps blind and visually impaired people navigate daily living independently and with the privacy everyone deserves. NBP salutes restaurants, like Legal Seafoods in Massachusetts, that offer their menus in braille. Members of our staff recently enjoyed a delicious lunch, made even better by being able to peruse the Legals menu at their leisure. Thanks, Legal Seafoods!

Our #1 Graduation Gift!

photo a silhouette of a graduate in cap and gown holding up diploma

Get ready for graduation with gifts from NBP! Congratulate graduates for a job well done, or thank that special teacher with braille jewelry, a print/braille magnet, or an inspirational book. Go to our Graduation Gift page to find out what our all-time #1 graduation gift is!

Introducing the B2G!

The B2G® is a portable, Android-based 20 cell refreshable braille computer. The design is simple... an 8-dot braille keyboard, space bar, navigation pad, forward and back buttons. Read much more about the B2G - and how to order one!

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