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Louis Braille Exhibit

Two visitors explore the Louis Braille traveling exhibit.

Note: The Louis Braille Exhibit is not currently available.

National Braille Press's 20-panel traveling display, in print and braille, takes viewers through the highlights of Louis's life, the braille production process, and why braille remains important today.

A Taste of the Exhibit
View 10 panels from the exhibit
Text-only Version

"The Braille exhibit that we displayed during the final 3 weeks of our production of The Miracle Worker was a HUGE success - so many of our patrons stopped and read over the piece and it seemed that EVERY child touched it and started a conversation with their parents about it. Over the course of the 3 weeks, more than 5,000 people saw this display! Thank you so very much for sharing the Louis Braille exhibit - it was such a success with our audience; it enhanced the experience of the children and got people thinking about the resources for people with disabilities. And that is big part of our mission!"

- Charles Baldwin, Director of Marketing and Operations, Wheelock Family Theatre

"I just returned from the Traveling Louis Braille exhibit at the blind center.... It is terrific and I encourage people to go. It was wonderful to be able to read, in braille, about each of the 10 posters. There is also information about braille production. Please pass along the information that the exhibit is awesome!"

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A visually impaired visitor reads the brailled version of the exhibit.

Top: Two visitors view the Louis Braille Bicentennial traveling exhibit.
Bottom: A visually impaired visitor reads the brailled version of the exhibit.

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