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Braille for Kids and Teachers

A vintage photo of blind students using Louis Braille's raphigraph and reading braille books.

Kids love braille!

They love the feel of the bumpy pages, and they really love figuring out the secret code! Louis's life and his code offer many opportunities for fun classroom activities.

Braille for the Sighted: Packed full of colorful braille word and picture games, this book is perfect for introducing the braille code to sighted kids.

A Picture Book of Louis Braille, for ages 6 and up, is a fascinating look at the life of the man who invented the braille code. Our edition includes the text in both print and braille.

Just Enough to Know Better is an easy self-paced braille tutorial for anyone sighted who wants to learn to read the code using their vision. It covers all the letters, contractions, punctuation, and rules for reading and writing in braille. And it's easy! Ages 12 and up.

The English Braille Symbols Chart is an 11" x 17" poster showing the English braille symbols for letters, numbers, punctuation, and 189 contractions. (Note that this same chart is included in our book Just Enough to Know Better.

Visit the Braille Bug for games, secret messages, and information about Louis Braille and Helen Keller.

Image above: Students using raphigraphes,
courtesy Musee Valentin Hauy, France

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