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Writing Your Way: Composing and Editing on an iPhone or iPad (WRITE-WAY)

Judith Dixon
Picture of Writing Your Way: Composing and Editing on an iPhone or iPad
Pricing from: $20.00 – $22.50

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Most of us who have used an iPhone or iPad have done at least some writing on it. But how many of us are eager to write a full length article or a term paper with one? In this comprehensive reference guide, popular writer Judy Dixon explores numerous strategies and techniques that can make writing and even editing on an iPhone or iPad a breeze. Detailed coverage includes:
  • Inputting and editing text directly from your device using the onscreen QWERTY keyboard, Braille Screen Input, Handwriting, and Dictation;
  • Inputting and editing text from external devices, such as hardware keyboards and braille displays;
  • App tours of Notes, Drafts, Voice Dream Writer, Pages, Microsoft Word, and more; and
  • 8 appendices with relevant gestures, keyboard commands, and shortcuts.