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Royal Guide to Spot and Stain Removal (SPOT)

Linda Cobb - The Queen of Clean
Picture of Royal Guide to Spot and Stain Removal
Price: $5.99
Format: eBraille (download)

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Available in eBraille only.

For some it's an obsession.
For the Queen of Clean it's a snap!

Now you can tame even the most vexing spots and stains with this handy pocket guide. Here are Her Majesty's most sought-after stain removal secrets - in one portable companion! Banish stubborn stains forever: mustard, wine, spaghetti sauce, lipstick, grass stains, chewing gum, ink, chocolate, grease, tar, rust, nail polish, coffee and tea and so many more!

Discover the stain removers that are hiding in your cupboard!
For example did you know:

  • - That shaving cream is is one of the best spot and stain removers available? That's because it's really whipped soap!
  • - That shampoo is great for treating make-up stains and ring-around-the-collar?
  • - That WD-40 is great for nasty grease stains and oil stains - like salad dressing spills?
  • Sprinkling salt on spilled red wine will keep the wine from staining until you can launder it?
  • Includes a Cleaning Guide for specific fabric types.