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Central and South Asia (Atlas) (PB-M-ASIA-CENT-SOUTH)

The Princeton Braillists

Price: $45.00
Format: Tactile (Braille)

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**Note that these tactiles and descriptions are in English Braille: American Edition (EBAE), not in UEB.

1 volume, 19 maps, 72 pages


Central and South Asia in the Eastern Hemisphere
Central and South Asia
Central Asian Republics
Kazakhstan, The Republic of
Turkmenistan, The Republic of
Uzbekistan, The Republic of
Tajikistan, The Republic of
Kyrgyzstan, The Republic of
Afghanistan, The Islamic Republic of
Pakistan, The Islamic Republic of
India, The Republic of
Kashmir, Disputed Territory of
Bangladesh, The People’s Republic of
Nepal, The Kingdom on
Bhutan, The Kingdom of
Sri Lanka, The Democratic Socialist Republic of
Maldives,The Republic of The