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Americas vols. 2-3: United States (Atlas) (PB-M-AMERICAS-2-3)

The Princeton Braillists

Price: $55.00
Format: Tactile (Braille)

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**Note that these tactiles and descriptions are in English Braille: American Edition (EBAE), not in UEB.

2 vols., 124 pages
Emphasis is on geography. Individual maps show boundaries, mountains, rivers and bodies of water, elevation, major cities only, climate, land use and resources. Each unit is self-contained and can be used alone. Divides the country into 6 regions; maps are shown by region.


Atlas of North and South America
Unit 2 The United States

Volume II

Overall maps of the United States
1: State Boundaries
2: State Capitals

The Northeast
3: State Boundaries
4: Capital Cities and Transportation Centers
5: Rivers, Lakes, and Mountains
6: Vegetation
7: Resources — Trees
8: Resources — Fishing and Mining
9: Farm Products
The Northeast: Important Facts

The Southeast
10: State Boundaries
11: Capital Cities and Transportation Centers
12: Mountains and Other Geologic Features
13: Rivers
14: Vegetation
15: Resources — Trees
16: Resources — Fishing and Mining
17: Farm Products
The Southeast: Important Facts

The Middle West
18: State Boundaries
19: Capital Cities and Transportation Centers
20: Rivers, Lakes and Mountains
21: Vegetation
22: Resources — Trees
23: Resources — Fishing and Mining
24: Farm Products
The Middle West: Important Facts

Volume III

Unit 2 The United States (Continued)

The Southwest
25: State Boundaries and Geologic Features
26: Capital Cities and Transportation Centers
27: Rivers, Lakes and Mountains
28: Vegetation
29: Resources — Trees
30: Resources — Fishing and Mining
31: Farm Products
The Southwest: Important Facts

Rocky Mountain Region
32: State Boundaries
33: Capital Cities and Transportation Centers
34: Mountains and Plateaus
35: Rivers and Lakes
36: Vegetation
37: Resources — Trees
38: Resources — Mining
39: Farm Products
Rocky Mountain Region: Important Facts

Pacific Coastal Region
40: State Boundaries (See Maps 48 49 for Alaska; Map 50 for Hawaii)
41: Capital Cities and Transportation Centers
42: Mountains and Other Geologic Features
43: Rivers and Lakes
44: Vegetation
45: Resources — Trees
46: Resources — Fishing and Mining
47: Farm Products
48: Alaska — Cities, Mountains and Rivers
49: Alaska — Resources, Vegetation, Farm Products
50: Hawaii
Pacific Coastal Region: Important Facts