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iPhone Tactile Screenshot Quick References iOS6 (IPHONE-TACTILES)

Picture of iPhone Tactile Screenshot Quick References iOS6
Price: $27.00
Format: Print/Braille

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In braille, large print and tactile diagrams - all in one booklet

The perfect companion to Getting Started with the iPhone and Twenty-one Apps We Can't Live Without!

These tactile screen shots of various iPhone screens show you "what" appears "where" on the your iPhone's status bar, home screen apps, keypad, contacts, calendar, Apps Store, iBooks, iTunes.

Readers will get a clearer sense of how to find icons and elements on the iPhone screen, as well as how to manipulate and interact with them. Explore diagrams with one hand while swiping through screen elements with the other, or practice the motions and gestures on the diagrams, and then try them on your iPhone. The iPhone Tactile Screenshot Quick Reference guide also includes some basic information on getting started with Siri.

These tactile screen shots are meant to be used in conjunction with other teaching texts and are not meant to replace them. For a more complete tutorial, see Anna Dresner and Dean Martineau's Getting Started with the iPhone and iOS5 and the iPhone iOS6 Updates.