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Getting Started with the iPhone and iOS 10 (IPHONE-IOS10)

Anna Dresner
Picture of Getting Started with the iPhone and iOS 10
Pricing from: $24.00 – $26.50

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Listen to author Anna Dresner discuss this book on the Tech Doctor podcast!

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This new edition of our soup-to-nuts tutorial for beginners contains everything you need to know to get started using the iPhone and the iOS 10 operating system. If you like step-by-step tutorials, you'll appreciate the detailed way in which you're guided through setting up your phone, loading and backing up music, contacts, etc., placing calls, entering text, using a Bluetooth keyboard and braille display, and more. If you prefer to look up the commands you need, you'll love the first appendix, which lists gestures and buttons on the phone in an organized manner so you can find the one you want.

Other appendices include troubleshooting tips and a list of resources to help you learn more. Most of the book is relevant for iPod touch users, and since the layout of iPhone Plus screens resembles that of iPad screens, iPad users should find this edition useful as well.

Part 1: Buying, Configuring, and Loading Up Your iPhone
Purchasing an iPhone
Cases and Batteries
Enabling Accessibility and Setting Up Your iPhone
Configuring and Syncing Your iPhone
A Brief Description of iTunes
Navigating iTunes
Getting Started with Your iPhone and iTunes
Syncing Apps
Other Ways to Transfer Files between Your Computer and iPhone
Syncing Email, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Bookmarks
Syncing Other Types of Content
Monitoring Sync Progress
Disconnecting the iPhone
Managing Content Manually
iPhone Appearing as a Drive
Part 2: Starting to Use Your iPhone
Physical Description
A Word of Encouragement
Getting Started
A First Look at the Home Screen
The Many Views on the 6, 6 Plus, and Later Phones
Using the Phone
The Split-Tap
The Rotor and Typing Mode
Making Calls, and the Call Experience
Voice Dialing
Answering, Ignoring, and Disconnecting Calls
The Scrub: Back Up a Screen
Contacts, Scrolling, and the Double-Tap and Hold Gesture
Letting People Reach You at All Hours
Deleting a Contact
Blocking a Caller
Changing Home Screens: Scrolling Horizontally
The Notification Center
Today View
Reorder Buttons
Notifications View
3D Touch Shortcuts
Control Center
Settings and Several New Gestures
Turning VoiceOver Off and On
Practicing VoiceOver Gestures
Moving to the Top or Bottom of the Screen
Changing Voice Rate and Verbosity
Choosing Voices
Fixing Pronunciations
Audio Options
Configuring the Rotor
Additional VoiceOver Options
Reading Commands
Muting Speech, Toggling Screen Curtain, and Copying What VoiceOver Says to the Clipboard
Re-Labeling Controls
The Item Chooser
Picker Items
The Accessibility Screen
More Accessibility Options, and Triple-click Home
Highlights of the General Settings Screen
The Settings Screen
Part 3: Entering Text and Working with Apps
Typing on the iPhone Keyboard
Understanding and Locking Orientation
The Onscreen Keyboard
Typing Modes
Punctuation, Numbers, and Symbols
How the Insertion Point Moves
Moving to the Beginning and End of the Document
Delete, Undo, and Redo
Using Predictions and Auto-Correct
Selecting Text and Working with Selected Text
Selecting All Text or a Single Word
Viewing Spelling Suggestions for the Selected Word
Looking Up a Word
Selecting Multiple Characters, Words, Lines, or Pages
Pasting Text
Braille Screen Input
Other Ways to Enter and Navigate Text
Using a Bluetooth Keyboard
Connecting a Bluetooth Keyboard
General Editing Commands
General Movement and Selection Commands
Working with Notes
Working with Mail
Working with Safari
Typing Special Characters on the Keyboard
Navigating Your iPhone from the Keyboard
Quick Nav Commands
Quick Nav Commands on the Web
Controlling Music Playback via a Bluetooth Keyboard
Controlling Music Playback with Headphones
Using a Braille Display
Pairing Your Braille Display
The Braille Options
Using Your Display
Reviewing What VoiceOver Has Said
Braille Display Commands
Quick Nav Commands on the Web
Selecting Text
Using Siri
Turning On and Setting Up Siri
Using Siri to Run Apps and Find Information
Dictating Text
When Siri Doesn't Work
Setting Up a Passcode and Touch ID
Closing and Switching Apps
Customizing the Home Screen
Deleting Apps
Moving Apps
Final Thoughts
Appendix A: VoiceOver Gestures and iPhone Buttons
Touch and Tap Gestures
3D Touch
Flick Gestures
Miscellaneous Gestures
iPhone Buttons
Appendix B: Frequently Asked Questions
My phone isn't working correctly.
I can hear VoiceOver through the headphones, but not through the speaker.
I can hear VoiceOver, but not the VoiceOver sounds.
VoiceOver changes languages for no apparent reason when I visit some websites.
What's the difference between muting speech and turning off VoiceOver?
My content won't sync when I connect my iPhone to my computer.
How do I get and work with files on my phone?
What's a UDID, and how do I find it?
Can I test beta versions of iOS?
Appendix C: Apps Mentioned in This Book
Appendix D: Additional Resources
Info and Podcasts
Mailing Lists