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iOS 12 Without the Eye (IOS12-EYE)

Jonathan Mosen
Picture of iOS 12 Without the Eye
Pricing from: $19.95 – $22.45

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You've invested in one of the most powerful devices available. Why not invest a tiny fraction more to ensure that you're using all its new smarts to the max?

iOS 12 is more powerful, much faster on older devices, considerably more stable, and introduces a few new accessibility enhancements. Once again, Jonathan Mosen has written an easy-to-read book unlocking all the magic of the latest iOS. Get up and running quickly and easily with a clearly-written, comprehensive, well-structured guide to all that's new in iOS 12, written specifically with blind people and assistive technology instructors of the blind in mind. iOS 12 Without the Eye will get you up to speed in a plain language, easy-to-skim, enjoyable guide.

Chapters in iOS 12 without the Eye include:
  • A comprehensive summary of accessibility changes, with VoiceOver and beyond.
  • Revamped notifications, and how to customise your experience to give you just the information you want.
  • Enhancements to Do Not Disturb.
  • A comprehensive introduction to the new Screen Time features.
  • Big changes to Siri, making it more intelligent and open.
  • A thorough guide to the new Shortcuts app from a blindness perspective, including a tutorial on writing a sample shortcut containing a Siri command.
  • Privacy and security changes, including integrating third-party password managers like 1Password with iOS.
  • Setting up a second Face ID profile.
  • The brand-new Voice memos app, now also on iPad and more capable than ever.
  • Apple's new Books app, replacing iBooks.
  • Changes to Messages and FaceTime, and dual SIM support in iPhone XS, XS Max and XR
  • The new Stocks app.
  • Use your phone as an accessible tape measure.
  • Much more!

Chapter One: Backing Up, Updating, and Unboxing
Backing Up
Setting Up and Performing an Encrypted Backup with iTunes
Backing Up to iCloud
Installing the Update
The First Start
New iPhones without a Home Button
Physical Appearance
New VoiceOver Gestures
Button Reassignments
Upgrading from an Older iPhone
Face ID
Using Face ID

Chapter Two: Accessibility Changes
New Siri Voices for Irish and South African English
Turn Off Confirmation
Improvements to the Misspelled Words Feature
Additional Braille Functions
Send to HDMI
Live Listen with AirPods

Chapter Three: Notifications
Notification Grouping
Performing Actions on a Notification
Managing a Notification
Greater App Flexibility
Proactive Suggestions
One Chance to Make a First Impression
Critical Information

Chapter Four: Do Not Disturb
Proactive Suggestions

Chapter Five: Control Centre
QR Code Scanning

Chapter Six: Screen Time
Configuring Screen Time
App Limits
Exempting Apps
Content and Privacy
Family Organiser Functions
Screen Time Widget

Chapter Seven: Speaking of Siri
New Voices
Siri Knows More Things
SiriKit More Capable and Open to All Apps
Siri in Low Power Mode
Shortcuts App
A Fairy-Tale of Capitalism
What Can Shortcuts Do?
Exploring the Shortcuts App
The Gallery Tab
The Library Tab
Creating a Basic Shortcut
Wrapping this Up

Chapter Eight: Privacy and Security
Safari Protects Your Identity
New Password Management Tools
USB Accessories

Chapter Nine: Voice Memos
Setting It Up
Using the App
First Run
More Complex Recording and Editing
Selecting, Editing, and Deleting Recordings
Other Ways to Access Voice Memos
Control Centre
3D Touch

Chapter Ten: Books
Reading Now
Book Store

Chapter Eleven: Messages and FaceTime
Slight Changes to Apps within Messages
New Camera Functions for Messages
New Photos App for Messages
Activity Stickers
Use the FaceTime App
From within Messages
Reporting Spam

Chapter Twelve: Dual SIM Functionality

Chapter Thirteen: Stocks

Chapter Fourteen: Photos
For You
Sharing Photos via iCloud
New Search Tab
Permanently Deleting Photos
Editing Depth of Field

Chapter Fifteen: HomeKit

Chapter Sixteen: Measure and ARKit
The Measure Tab
ARKit 2

Chapter Seventeen: Podcasts
Configurable Skip Increments
Remotes Can Now Skip
Podcast Chapters

Chapter Eighteen: Battery Management

Chapter Nineteen: News

Chapter Twenty: The Little Things
Safari Keyboard Shortcuts
Over 70 New Emoji
Face ID
Accidental Screen Shot Protection
CarPlay Improvements
Dictation and Third-Party Keyboards
Awards Tab in the Activity App
Contactless Student ID Cards

Chapter Twenty-One: Conclusion