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iOS 11 Without the Eye (IOS11-EYE)

Jonathan Mosen
Picture of iOS 11 Without the Eye
Pricing from: $22.00 – $24.50

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Note: This guide assumes you are familiar with iOS already, and goes into great detail about what is new or has changed since iOS 10. If you are brand new to the iPhone and iOS, you'll want Anna Dresner's Getting Started with the iPhone.

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Apple's iOS has reached its 11th major release! It's more powerful, more open, and boasts even more accessibility enhancements, with braille in particular coming of age in this exciting update.

You've invested in a great device, why not invest just a fraction more to ensure that you're using all its new smarts to the max? And there are a lot of them. Once again, Jonathan Mosen has written an easy-to-read yet thorough book unlocking all the magic of the latest iOS — written specifically with blind people and assistive technology instructors of the blind in mind. He starts from the install process, works his way through all the VoiceOver changes, then moves on to the amazing new mainstream features from a blindness perspective.


Chapter One: Backing Up and Updating
Backing Up
Setting Up and Performing an Encrypted Backup with iTunes
Backing Up to iCloud
Installing the Update
The First Start
Chapter Two: iPhone X
New VoiceOver Gestures
Swipe Up to Go Home
App Switcher
Control Centre and Notifications
Button Reassignments
Setting Up Your iPhone X
Face ID
What It Is, and How It Works
Setting Up Face ID
Using Face ID
New Keyboard
Chapter Three: VoiceOver Changes
Speech Screen
A New Voice
Pitch It Right
Verbosity Screen
Speak Detected Text
Capital Letters
Deleting Text
Embedded Links
Table Output
Media Descriptions
New Keyboard Commands
Misspelled Words in the Rotor
Navigate by Articles in the Rotor
Rotor Actions
Drag and Drop, and Moving Apps
VoiceOver Takes a Guess
Three-Finger Tap, Almost Magical
Braille Screen Input
Easier Backspace and Enter
Word Wrap
New Text Status Cell
Better Input
Customising Braille Commands
Chapter Four: Other Accessibility Changes
Auto-Answer Calls
One-Handed Keyboard
Smart Invert
Large Text Enhancements
Type to Siri
Switch Control Changes
Enhanced Dynamic Type
Customising Speech Highlighting
New Closed Caption Option
Chapter Five: Farewell to Some Familiar Friends
No More 32-Bit App Support
Goodbye Built-In Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, and Flickr
A Change in the Landscape
Chapter Six: Cover Sheet, the New Way of Working with Notifications
Using the Cover Sheet
Customising Notifications
Chapter Seven: Control Centre

Fresh Look and Feel
Static Controls
Configurable Controls
Apple TV Remote
Screen Recording
Accessibility Shortcuts
Do Not Disturb While Driving
Guided Access
Low Power Mode
Text Size
Voice Memos
Chapter Eight: Speaking of Siri
More Natural Voices
Smarter, Multi-Device Aware
Modified Siri Settings Screen
Type to Siri
Chapter Nine: Files

Browsing with Limits
Launching the App
Basic Operation
Select Mode
The Browse Screen
Recently Deleted
Getting FLAC from Apple
Chapter Ten: New App Store - There's a Chapter for That

In-App Purchases
App Store Settings
Auto-Play Videos
Ratings and Reviews
Offload Unused Apps
Chapter Eleven: Saving Space

Chapter Twelve: Apple Music

Another Attempt at Social
AirPlay 2
Chapter Thirteen: Messages

Messages in the Cloud
A New Way to Choose Messaging Apps
Apple Pay Support
Serenity is Just a Flick Away
New Screen Effects
Business Chat
Chapter Fourteen: Maps

Indoor Maps
Lane Guidance
Do Not Disturb While Driving
Chapter Fifteen: iPad

What's Up, Dock?
Drag and Drop
App Switcher
Chapter Sixteen: Notes

More than Just a Quick Jotter
Add Table
Inserting Items
Scanning a Document
Pinning a Note
Add Lock to Note
Chapter Seventeen: Safari

Locking in Reader Mode
WebRTC Support
The Address Bar, Handier and Dandier
Prevent Cross-Site Tracking
Block All Cookies
Camera and Microphone Access
Experimental Features
Chapter Eighteen: Podcasts

Consumer Changes
Listen Now
Provider Changes
Start the Story at the Beginning
'Tis the Season
Regular Episodes and Other Content
Podcast Analytics
Chapter Nineteen: Accounts and Passwords

Chapter Twenty: Smarter Data Sharing

Sharing Wi-Fi
Automatic Setup
Chapter Twenty-One: Health

iCloud Syncing
Waist Circumference & VO2 Max
New Workouts
Chapter Twenty-Two: Share Data with Your Family
Chapter Twenty-Three: Core NFC
Chapter Twenty-Four: QR Codes
Chapter Twenty-Five: Emergency SOS
Chapter Twenty-Six: HomeKit

Open Home
New Product Categories
Easier Pairing
Absolute Date and Time Events
Sunrise and Sunset Times
Location Triggers for Multiple People
Anyone Home?
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Photos

Smaller, Better Formats
Better Quality Photos
New Filters
Enhanced Live Photos
Improved Memories
Smarter People
Chapter Twenty-Eight: ARKit
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Other Enhancements

More Control of Location Services
More Good Vibrations
More Flexible AirPods
Live Photos in FaceTime
More US TV Providers
Time to Shut Down