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iOS 10 Without the Eye (IOS10-EYE)

Jonathan Mosen
Picture of iOS 10 Without the Eye
Pricing from: $19.95 – $22.45

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Note: This guide assumes you are familiar with iOS already, and goes into great detail about what is new or has changed since iOS 9. If you are brand new to the iPhone and iOS, you'll want Anna Dresner's Getting Started with the iPhone.

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iOS 10: we're into double digits! iOS 10 is more powerful, more open, and more accessible than iOS has ever been, and, once again, Jonathan Mosen has written an easy-to-read book explaining it all. Siri has been declared open. What does it mean for you? What are the changes to the Messages, Health, and Maps apps - and how does the brand-new Home app work? And what about the new, simpler method of moving apps? Get up and running quickly and easily with a clearly-written, comprehensive, well-structured guide to all that's new in iOS 10 for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, written specifically with blind people and assistive technology instructors of the blind in mind.


Chapter One: Backing Up and Updating
Backing Up
Setting Up and Performing an Encrypted Backup with iTunes
Backing Up to iCloud
Installing the Update
The First Start

Chapter Two: VoiceOver Changes
More Choice of Voice
Choosing a New Default Voice
Adding Voices to the Rotor
Deleting a Voice or Language
Adding a Pronunciation
Modifying a Pronunciation
iCloud Syncing
Verbosity Settings
Audio Settings
Sound Effects
Audio Ducking
Auto-select Speaker in Call
Speech Channels
Improved Braille Screen Input
3D Touch from a Braille Display
Arranging Apps

Chapter Three: Other Accessibility Changes
Display Accommodations
Invert Colours
Colour Filters
Speech Settings
TTY Functions

Chapter Four: Your New Lock Screen
Raise to Wake

Chapter Five: Your New Home Screen

Chapter Six: Notification Centre

Chapter Seven: Control Centre
Control View
Media Controls
HomeKit Controls
Our Old Familiar Place

Chapter Eight: Apple Apps Be Gone
What Can You Delete?
How to Delete an App
Not All Removals Are Created Equal
Reinstalling an Apple App

Chapter Nine: Speaking of Siri
Hey Siris
Third-Party App Integration
New Voices and Countries

Chapter Ten: Messages
Read Receipts
Reacting to a Message
Add an Effect to Your Message
Messages App Store
What’s Your Game?
Digital Touch
Handwritten Messages
Automatic Emoji Replacement
New and Updated Emojis
Enhanced Siri Intelligence
One Message, Multiple Languages

Chapter Eleven: Mail
Dedicated Mail Settings
Previewing Mail
Email Threading
Mail Filters

Chapter Twelve: Music
The Library Tab
For You
Now Playing
Siri Commands

Chapter Thirteen: Safari
Split View Safari
Apple Pay
Unlimited Tabs

Chapter Fourteen: News

Chapter Fifteen: Maps

Chapter Sixteen: Health
Organ Donation
Importing Medical Records
Wheelchair Use

Chapter Seventeen: Home

Chapter Eighteen: Photos
Photo Descriptions
The People Album
Enhanced Photo Searching

Chapter Nineteen: Phone
Voicemail Transcription
Spam Alerts
Faster FaceTime
Announcing Calls

Chapter Twenty: Universal Clipboard

Chapter Twenty-One: Odds and Ends
iPhone 7 Series Home Button
All the Documents Fit to Print
The Camera
Define Redefined
Sharing Notes
Share an App
Emergency Bypass

Chapter Twenty-Two: Conclusion