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Hungry Fingers Tactile Puzzle Set (HUNGRY)

Picture of Hungry Fingers Tactile Puzzle Set
Price: $25.00
Format: Tactile (Braille)

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We have a limited supply of these - order soon!

Created by Hungry Fingers (a one-man company out of Poland), this unique tactile storybook and accompanying wooden puzzle teach blind children how to construct a tactile image progressively.

As the story unfolds, a character emerges, one body piece at a time, giving the child a chance to follow the sequence until the whole "mystery character" is formed.

Spoiler alert! The book does not have a title. That's because the child is unaware of what is being formed until the very end of the story. Only then is the child asked to give the teddy bear a name - which then becomes the new title of the book. The child feels that he or she has a hand in bringing the bear to life!

Try not to give the secret away!

After the concept of "drawing a bear" is understood, each child can construct his or her own teddy bear using the puzzle pieces. The tactile drawings in the book match the sturdy wooden, magnetic puzzle pieces, encouraging kids to make the connection between the drawing and the real puzzle piece.

The Hungry Fingers Puzzle Set includes print/braille/tactile book, 8-piece wooden, magnetic puzzle, and a magnetic board to build upon.