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Our Special: Household Hints (HINTS)

Compiled by Lisa Ostrow
Picture of Our Special: Household Hints
Price: $9.99
Format: eBraille (download)

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Our Special, a women's magazine written by and for blind women, edited by Dana Nichols, offers daily living tips with each issue -- a feature that has long been a favorite among readers.

For example, some tips are:

  • Don't get bitten! A drop or two of lavender oil makes a lovely perfume that also repels mosquitoes.
  • To prevent butter from burning when sauteeing, add some olive or vegetable oil. Butter burns easily, but the combo won't.
  • When baking cookies, substitute coarsely crushed salt-free pretzels for chopped nuts. You get the texture of the nuts with almost none of the fat.

Readers have been asking us to compile all these tips into one concise volume -- and OS reader Lisa Ostrow has organized them into an easy-to-use format!