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Early Readers: Two (Nonfiction) (EARLYTWO)

Picture of Early Readers: Two (Nonfiction)
Price: $30.00
Format: eBraille (on USB drive)

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The transition from storybooks to intermediate readers is difficult. Ease the transition with this collection of eBraille, or electronic braille, files.

Early Readers: Two (Nonfiction) is a collection of 135 nonfiction books for young readers - see the full listing below.

Buy Early Readers: One (Fiction) (183 titles).
Or, buy both Collections and amass a virtual library of over 300 books for only $50!

Please note that these books will only print out correctly if you are using a braille embosser with the Duxbury embossing/printing software. You can print out whatever books you want and send them home with your student!

Each book is presented in four formats: single-spaced uncontracted braille, single-spaced contracted, double-spaced uncontracted, and double-spaced contracted.


    A B Sea
    A Book About Your Skeleton
    A Horse Named Seabiscuit
    A Lesson for Martin Luther King JR
    A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln
    A Picture Book of Anne Frank
    A Picture Book of Florence Nightingale
    A Picture Book of John F. Kennedy
    A Picture Book of Sacagawea
    A Picture Book of Thomas Jefferson
    A True Book - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
    A True Book - Saudi Arabia
    A True Book - The Revolutionary War
    A True Book - The Thirteen Colonies
    A True Book - Wetlands
    A True Book - Wildfires
    All Along the River
    Always Inventing - The True Story of Thomas Alva Edison
    And So They Build
    Animal Homes
    Animals in Winter
    Ants on the Move
    Arctic Adventure
    At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Baby Alligator
    Battle for Honor
    Be a Friend to Trees
    Bear Attacks
    Ben Franklin and his First Kite
    Bird Behavior - Living Together
    Black Mirror
    Bloodsuckers - Bats, Bugs, and Other Bloodthirsty Creatures
    Boss of the Plains - The Hat that Won the West
    Brave Norman
    Buddy - The First Seeing Eye Dog
    Building a House
    Building Machines and What They Do
    California or Bust
    Can You Count to a Googol
    Capital Kids
    Caps, Hats, Socks, and Mittens - A Book About the Four Seasons
    Christopher Columbus
    Civil Rights Marches
    Colorful Chameleons!
    Come to a Powwow
    Community Helpers from A to Z
    Computer Are for Everyone
    Digging up Dinosaurs
    Dinosaurs Beware! A Safety Guide
    Dolphins!, Sharon Bokoske and Margaret Bavidson
    Earth Day
    Elephants Swim
    Elian Gonzalez
    Extreme Science Jobs
    Families of the Deep Blue Sea
    First Flight - The Story of the Wright Brothers
    Five Brave Explorers
    Five Brilliant Scientists
    Five Creepy Creatures
    Five True Dog Stories
    Flag Day
    Flora, A Friend for the Animals
    George the Drummer Boy
    George Washington and the General's Dog
    George Washington Carver - The Peanut Wizard
    Getting Physical - The Science of Sports
    Growing Vegetable Soup
    Guess Who's in the Jungle
    Guess Who's on the Farm
    Gung Hay Fat Choy - Happy New Year
    Heavy-Duty Trucks
    Helen Keller
    Here Are My Hands
    How Big is a Foot
    How Big is Big
    How Big Were the Dinosaurs
    How do Apples Grow
    How Kittens Grow
    How Much, How Many, How Far, How Heavy, How Long, How Tall is 10
    How the Ocean Tides Came to Be
    Hungry, Hungry Sharks
    I Am Planet Earth
    I Want to be a Doctor
    I Want to be a Police Officer
    I Want to be a Teacher
    Independence Day
    Inside the Crime Lab
    Is There Life in Outer Space
    Jon Krakauer's Adventure on Mt. Everest
    Jungle Jack Hanna's Safari Adventure
    Jungle Jack Hanna's What Zoo-Keepers Do
    Load -em Up Trucks
    Marches and Swamps
    My Hands
    Nellie Cashman Frontier Angel
    On the Farm - What's Happening
    Sam the Minuteman
    Shapes, Shapes, Shapes
    Sunflower House
    The Desert Machine
    The Five Senses - Hearing
    The Five Senses - Sight
    The Five Senses - Smell
    The Five Senses - Taste
    The Five Senses - Touch
    The Good Old Days
    The Icky Bug Counting Book
    The Moon
    The Ocean Alphabet Book
    The Planets in Our Solar System
    The Shape of Things
    The World of Dinosaurs
    Tool Book
    Try, Try Again!
    Vegetable Garden
    Wang Yani: Longing to Paint
    What Do Insects Do
    What the Moon is Like
    When the Volcano Erupted
    Where Does the Garbage Go
    You Can Use a Balance
    Yo-Yo Ma