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Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (BC1004-CHICKA)

Bill Martin Jr.and John Archambault
Picture of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Price: $7.99
Format: Print/Contracted Braille

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Print/braille edition
Now in UEB contracted braille
Ages baby to preschool.

Note: Also see our Tactile Alphabet Letters
- the perfect companion!
    A told B,
    and B told C,
    I'll meet you at the top
    of the coconut tree.
Countless children - and their parents - can joyfully recite the familiar words of this beloved alphabet chant.

The 26 characters in this rhythmic, rhyming book are a lowercase alphabet with attitude. It probably seemed like a good idea to meet at the top of the coconut tree - at least until the other 23 members of the gang decided to follow suit. Will there be enough room? Oh, no - Chicka Chicka Boom! Boom! The well-known authors of Barn Dance and Knots on a Counting Rope have created a rhythmic alphabet chant that rolls along on waves of fun.

In contracted braille

My daycare kids' favorite, by far. There is a scream of glee when they see it. I give it as a Christmas present to all my daycare kids. Daycare parents tell me the kids read it to them.
- D. Lane, Austin, TX

A word of warning. If you haven't a rhythmic bone in your body, you'd best not be reading "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" anytime soon. This book is arguably the best known alphabet book on the market today.
-E.R. Bird, New York, NY