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Night-Night, Little Pookie! (BB-NIGHT)

Sandra Boynton
Picture of Night-Night, Little Pookie!
Price: $5.99
Format: Print/Braille

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Print/braille board book
Ages Baby-Preschool
In contracted braille

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Pookie gets ready for bed - with a little of the usual Pookie flair! (And a lot of help from Mom.)
    Good night, Pookie ears.
    Good night, Pookie nose.
    Good night, Pookie eyes
    That are ready to close.
This has been one of my 19-month-old son's favorite books. It is a staple of his bedtime stories. He seems to like Pookie's independence (picking his PJ's, hiding from his Mommy), and I like that it still reinforces a "fun" bedtime routine. He likes saying Pookie's lines in the book too.
- KD, Pittsburgh

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