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Anyone Can Play: Accessible Games for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (APPSGAMES)

Edited by Judith Dixon
Picture of Anyone Can Play: Accessible Games for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Pricing from: $12.00 – $14.50

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Edited by Judith Dixon, with contributions by Nallym Bravo, Ciaran and Coal Corby, Judy Dixon, Janet Ingber, and Atty Svendsen.

"Get yourself a copy of this book and never be bored again."
- The Tech Doctor Blog

Listen to editor Judy Dixon talk about this book on The Tech Doctor Podcast.
Judy on the Eyes on Success podcast (note: download is automatic)

Not long ago, the only games available to a braille reader were a deck of braille cards and a few expensive board games. Gloriously, the iPhone has brought us all manner of portable accessible diversions - from word puzzles to fantasy adventures. And anyone can play, no experience required! A host of blind gamers have put together their favorite accessible iDevice game apps; they tell you how they work and what it takes to win!

The book is divided into seven chapters:
  1. Competitive Games: This chapter describes the Game Center that can be found on every iDevice and a few games that can be played against others through the Game Center.
  2. Word Games: These are games based on words or letters. It features games that provide clues to either guess or construct the word.
  3. Card Games: These are mostly traditional card games, ranging from many types of solitaire games to multiplayer games. In the multiplayer games, the game can simulate opponents, or you can play against real opponents.
  4. Adventure Games: These are games where the player is presented with a scenario and can interact with the world by issuing commands or by making choices.
  5. Strategy Games: For the most part, these are traditional puzzles and board games requiring a strategic approach to accomplish the object of the game.
  6. Role-Playing Games: In these games, the player chooses a character with certain traits. The player communicates with others assuming the traits of the chosen character.
  7. Sports Games: These are action games, many of which will have you out of your chair and moving around to play the game as a single player or against an opponent.

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