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Android Commands and Settings (AND-COMMAND)

Ana Garza
Picture of Android Commands and Settings
Pricing from: $12.00 – $14.50

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A Reference Guide for Eyes-Free Users

Ana Garza's reference guide of Android commands with brief explanations assumes you already know how to use Android, but may occasionally need help remembering an accessibility command or setting.

If you own Getting Started with Android, you'll notice some overlap. Both books include a complete list of TalkBack gestures and earcons. This book also includes new information on various accessibility settings, low-vision features, hardware keyboards, braille input, USB storage, Bluetooth, and file transfers between your Android and your computer.

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Chapter 1: TalkBack Gestures
      Simple Gestures
      Two-Part Gestures
Chapter 2: TalkBack Earcons
Chapter 3: Accessibility Settings
Chapter 4: TalkBack Settings
      TalkBack Screen
      Other Feedback
      Touch Exploration
Chapter 5: Low-Vision Settings
      Magnification Settings
      Other Low-Vision Settings
Chapter 6: Hardware Keyboards
      General Keyboard Commands
      System Shortcuts
      App Hotkeys
      Text Editing Keystrokes
      TalkBack and Keyboard Shortcuts
      Classic Keymap
      Default Keymap
Chapter 7: Braille
      Supported Braille Displays
      Initial Display Setup
      Display Routine
      Starting and Stopping the Braille Display
      Finding BrailleBack Commands
      Switching Input Method
      BrailleBack Settings
Appendix A: Volume Level Adjustment
Appendix B: USB and Android
Appendix C: Bluetooth and Android
      Routine Use
Appendix D: Android Device Manager
      Android Device Manager on the Net
      Android Device Manager as an App
Appendix E: File Transfers Between Your Computer and Android
      Windows and Android
      The Mac and Android