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CBI Products

Over 25 people have volunteered their time, enthusiasm, and expertise to CBI projects. Individual engineers, researchers, TVIs, and organizations such as Google, IBM, ETS, University of Michigan, M.I.T., Northeastern University, and UCLA have contributed to our common goals at CBI.

The B2G and the Tactile Caliper were both launched at the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference in 2016. The B2G from concept to launch took 6 years of R&D. The Tactile Caliper was introduced to NBP in 2013 as a 3D printed prototype that won the Touch of Genius Prize.

The Products in Development section will provide further details regarding the exciting research partnerships that NBP is working on.

Current Products

Photo ofthe b2g  

The B2G

The B2G is the first braille device developed and launched by CBI. When the B2G was launched in 2016 it was an affordable, portable braille notetaker that costs thousands of dollars less than similar products on the market.

Photo of the tactile caliper      

The Tactile Caliper

*Winner of the 2013 Touch of Genius Prize for Innovation*

The Tactile Caliper is a simple braille ruler for the blind that allows accurate measurement to 1/16th of an inch. There is a measuring slide that has mechanical refreshable braille on the top surface to give a precise measurement output.

This device was developed by Squirrel Devices in India as a way to help users measure with accuracy and speed. Visit our Bookstore for Tactile Caliper information and pricing.


Photo of the braille me      

The Braille Me

*Winner of the 2017 Touch of Genius Prize for Innovation*

Braille Me is a refreshable braille reader from Innovision, based in India. Through their groundbreaking new technology, using magnetic force to power the braille display, the Braille Me has slashed costs, while keeping a high quality display. This device has a 20 cell, 6 dot refreshable braille output and a braille keyboard. The braille display has cursor routing buttons, panning keys, and it is capable of multiple languages with a built-in grade 2 translator and back translator.