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The Braille Me

Photo of the braille me

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Braille Me is a new refreshable braille reader from Innovision, in India. Through their groundbreaking new technology, using magnetic force to power the braille display, the Braille Me has slashed costs, while keeping a high quality display. This device has 20-cell, 6-dot refreshable braille and a braille keyboard. The braille display had routing buttons below, as well as page navigation buttons to the left and right.

Files can be accessed by an SD card for reading, editing and searching. You can also rename and delete files from the device. The editor supports .TXT, .BRF, and .BRL files.

The Braille Me can Bluetooth with your smartphone or tablets (iOS or Android) and it can USB connect to a computer with an NVDA screen reader for a seamless braille and audio experience.

  • 6-dot, 20-cell display
  • Cursor routing keys
  • 6 key, Perkins style keyboard
  • Micro USB, SD card slot (up to 32gb), DC jack
  • Can connect via USB or Bluetooth to iOS and Android
  • Supports up to 50+ languages, and 5 languages per device
  • Read files of any size in .txt, .brf, and .brl format
  • Create/Edit files up to 100kb, cut/copy/paste/undo, and save files as a braille or text file
  • Compatible with screen readers BrailleBack, Voiceover, and NVDA
  • Battery charges in 1hr and charge can last for up to 12hrs
  • Heavy duty vinyl carrying case included
  • Under 1.3lbs (580g)
  • 7.4in x 5.4in x 1.14in (W x D x H)
  • One year limited warranty, parts and labor (download full warranty here)

Resources and Other Technical Info

For technical support and training, please call 617-425-2472.

Here are some helpful documents and resources to get you started, including a complete set of braille tables you can add to any SD card you wish to use with Braille Me. Note NVDA is used as the screenreader for the Braille Me if you want to connect to your computer. Below you will see a link for an older version of NVDA that is compatible with the Braille Me Driver that is also needed to put as an "add on" in NVDA on your computer. The Braille Me NVDA 6.0 is the zip file for the Braille Me Driver that is also included here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Return Policy:

Please keep all packing materials — including the box! — that we send to you in case you need to return the unit for a repair or a refund. If some of the items are missing (i.e. the packing boxes), the refund or return policy might be voided by National Braille Press.

A refund for your device can be obtained within 30 days from the shipping date for the product, providing that the unit is returned undamaged, in new condition and returned with all materials in its original packaging box. See below for shipping instructions.

Instructions for Return or Repairs: You are the owner of your device and responsible for shipping it to NBP for return or repair. NBP is not responsible for damages or the loss of a unit by any carrier. It is recommended that the owner insures the package for loss or any additional damages that could occur in shipment beyond what was described in a repair. Before packing the device, please remove any files you have on the SD card, or save your files to another source.

NBP only provides service and technical support for the Braille Me device to customers who bought the device directly from National Braille Press. Any private sale of the device to a third party excludes this new owner from the return policy and the limited 1 year warranty.

Visit the Innovision website for more information about Braille Me and Innovision — including links to download the NVDA driver.