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New Updates!

  • The B2G can now Bluetooth with the iPhone
  • It can be a braille terminal for your desktop or laptop
  • The new NBP Editor can read track changes, revisions and comments to MS Word docs



    B2G FALL BIG Discount Sale Offering!

    A photo of b2g on table with coffee and a cookie.

    We have a few more B2Gs that are now available for a HUGE discount! These are new units that have a circuit board chip failure for either the microphone, audio, TV output or camera. Everything else works great and prices start at only $1000!

    Each unit is different, so prices do vary, but these B2Gs will sell retail from $1000 to $1850 compared to regular retail price of $2495. All discounted units come with a limited warranty. These B2Gs still have all other functionality and the infamous high quality Metec Braille. We wanted to offer them as part of our mission to always make products as affordable as possible.

    ALSO, buy a full functioning B2G this fall and save $200 in value! The B2G is on sale for $2395 and comes with a free Executive Products leather case. Call 800-548-7323 ext. 520 for details.

    A photo of NBP's B2G devices.


    The B2G is a portable, Android-based refreshable braille computer and optional smart phone, designed specifically for blind people. Get the processing power, resources and versatility you need to be connected and integrated into today's digital world. The B2G gives you the flexibility to add or remove apps, and to tailor your device the way that you want.

    The outside design is simpleā€¦ an 8 dot braille keyboard, space bar, navigation pad, forward and back buttons. No complicated keys or extra buttons to get in the way. It uses our own ergonomically designed braille keyboard, and a 20 cell, Metec refreshable braille display to provide the most reliable, highest quality braille on the market.

    On the inside, the B2G has a great user interface (UI). It is intuitive, logical and includes a control panel that allows you to select the modes that you want. Plus, the UI includes many of the legacy command sets that are on traditional braille notetakers, with some new additions for navigation, and convenience. Whether you are a student, employed or retired, the B2G provides the tools that you need at a much lower price.

    Our goal at NBP is always to sell our books and products at the lowest price possible for our consumers. The B2G was created for that same purpose. We built the B2G to provide a portable, feature-packed braille machine at the lowest price possible. NBP is selling the B2G directly from our website, and by phone with our great team of customer service and support staff. The B2G is available in North America only at this time. A monthly payment plan is also available through PayPal.

    Check out our product features and specs, and our B2G Resources Page (including apps), and the F A Q. We've also created short videos to help orient new users. Coming soon: the Forum where one can share discoveries, ask questions, request apps and help us rate apps.

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    Zone 24x7 logo

    NBP would like to recognize Zone24x7 for their talented engineering support. They've been working with us since we began the b2g design years ago.

    A photo of NBP's B2G device

    A photo of NBP's B2G device.

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