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121 Good-Eating Tips

This is your guide to eating healthfully the quick-and-easy way!

Format eBraille (download)


31 Cool Things You Can Do with Your iPhone

Explore apps that are practical, and many that are just plain fun!


Android Commands and Settings

A Reference Guide for Eyes-Free Users. Ana Garza's reference guide of Android commands with brief explanations assumes you already know how to use Android, but may occasionally need help remembering an accessibility command or setting.


Dr. Atkins Carbohydrate Gram Counter

Count your calories, protein, fiber, net carbs, fat grams - and of course your carbs - in this handy reference book.

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Birthday Cards

The front of the card features a stylish birthday cake with five burning candles; the message, "Wishing You a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" is above the cake, in print and braille. The inside of the card is left blank, so you can write or emboss a personal birthday greeting to friends, family members, colleagues — anyone who celebrates a birthday!

Format Print/Braille


Blueprint for Men's Health

Did you know that, on average, men are less healthy and have a shorter life expectancy than women? More than half of premature deaths among men are preventable. But you can't prevent a problem if you don't know it exists. This book discusses the main health issues that men face.


Braille catalog

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CanDo Braille Labels: Beans

Six Bean labels: 2 refried beans, 2 black beans, 2 baked beans.

Format Large Print/Braille


CanDo Braille Labels: Coke Products

Six labels for cans of Coke products: 2 Coke, 2 Diet Coke, 2 Sprite.

Format Large Print/Braille


CanDo Braille Labels: Fruit

Six Fruit labels: 2 peaches, 2 pineapple, 2 fruit cocktail.

Format Large Print/Braille


CanDo Braille Labels: Pepsi Products

Six labels for cans of Pepsi products: 2 Pepsi, 2 Diet Pepsi, and 2 Sierra Mist.

Format Large Print/Braille


CanDo Braille Labels: Spices

Six labels for round spice jars: 1 each of basil, cinnamon powder, oregano, garlic, onion powder, and red pepper.

Format Large Print/Braille


CanDo Braille Labels: Tomato Products

Six Tomato products labels: 2 diced tomatoes, 2 tomato sauce, 2 tomato paste.

Format Large Print/Braille


CanDo Braille Labels: Vegetables

Six Vegetable labels: 2 green bean, 2 corn, and 2 peas.

Format Large Print/Braille


Capturing and Sharing the World

Judy Dixon revisits all the ways your iPhone's camera can be used to capture and share the world around you.


Computers You Can Talk To: Siri, Alexa, Google Now, and Cortana

The book is an overview, giving you an idea what sorts of things you can expect from each assistant. It tells you how to acquire and set up each assistant and, in the case of Amazon's products, the cost.


Cooking Light: Make-Ahead Recipes

80 delicious recipes that all have one thing in common: Each can be prepared completely ahead of time or has components that can be prepared ahead, letting you get a jump start on dinner when you have the time.


Cooking with Feeling

An experienced blind cook shares 180 adaptive culinary techniques for the visually impaired as well as some of her favorite recipes.

Format eBraille (download)


Dating in the Digital Age

Author Kim Loftis explores the ins and outs of online dating, as well as the accessibility of three of the major dating platforms: Plenty of Fish, Match, and eHarmony.


Diabetes: 68 Delicious Recipes for the Whole Family

Eat smart and stay healthy! Treat your family, your guests — and yourself! — to the best good-for-you recipes.

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