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On your mark, get ready, go!

Join the race where your child imagines their fingers are a dragon, and they lead their dragon through a maze.

This maze is braille and it's a fun way to practice tracking a line of braille print from left to right and top to bottom.

Follow along below, or

Challenge 1

Did you meet Challenge 1? Now, you're ready for Challenge 2!

Challenge 2

You got Challenge 2? Move on to Challenge 3!

Challenge 3

You found the end of the maze. Whoopee, your dragon is a dynamo and expert dragon racer!

Hints to Help Keep Fingers on the Braille Line

1. Is the book stable and flat?

2. Can your child comfortably put both hands on the book?

3. Play Ride-the-Dragon

4. Play Braille Follow-the-Leader

This activity was created by Wendy Sapp for Great Expectations

Braille Tracking

Baby boy feels braille with one hand

Learning to read braille begins long before children recognize braille letters. One early skill is learning to track a line of braille.

Some children have limited or no use of one hand — they can play the braille dragon games with only one hand.

Learn more about beginning braille skills at Wonderbaby!

What Are You Going to Name Your Dragon?

Picture of a cartoon dragon running over braille

Ride the Dragon

Girl and adult play at racing the dragon!

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