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Wouldn't your kids love to make a dragon? And wouldn't you love it if your kids made that dragon using materials you probably already have around your house? Everyone wins.

By the time your kids finish, they will have a one-of-a-kind dragon that looks and feels as cool as their taco-loving dragon friends.

Follow the instructions below, or:

To Make the Dragon Head You'll Need

For the Dragon Wings, Nose, Ears, and Horns, Choose One or More


  1. Cut the egg carton in half, keeping the top and bottom together.

  2. Use one half for the dragon head. Tape the egg carton closed before painting or coloring with markers.

    Hint #1: Children who are totally blind might want sand mixed with the paint to give it a textured feel.

    Hint #2: You can use the egg cups not used for the dragon to hold the paint.

    Hint #3: For kids with low vision, choose bright or high-contrast colors, or pick colors they respond to well.

  3. From the other half of the egg carton, cut out two egg compartments.

  4. Glue the two egg compartments to the top of your painted egg carton to be the eyes of the dragon.

  5. Color the centers of the egg compartments dark to make pupils.

  6. Glue yarn or other lightweight materials on top of the eyes to make hair.

  7. Print the dragon pattern.

    The dragon pattern pieces

    This comes from the NBC/SPROUT TV show, "Noodle and Doodle."

  8. Cut out the wings from the pattern. You might need an adult to do this.

  9. Use the dragon-wing materials you selected and create wings for your dragon. Then, glue them to the egg carton body.

  10. Repeat Steps #8 & #9 with the dragon nose, ears, and horns.

Textures & Creativity

A finished dragon project!

Whether or not your child can see colors or shapes, adding textures to the dragon gives your child a chance to demonstrate creativity.

Touching a variety of textures, learning their names, and choosing their favorites gives children important tactile skills that help them develop finger sensitivity for reading braille.
Egg carton cut in half
Two egg carton pieces make eyes
Getting ready to paint the egg carton
The painted egg carton
Blind boy making the dragon wings from felt
Blind boy making the dragon wings from felt


Another finished dragon project!

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