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It's a fiesta!

It's time for kids to turn on their dragon-magination and prepare for dragon dining and dragon dancing.

It's party time.

You can make the party as simple or involved as you'd like. One thing you'll be guaranteed is the chance to incorporate the song, the recipe, and review the book.

Follow the to-do list below, or

Our To-Do List

What's on the Menu?

    That one's easy: tacos.

Who's on the Guest List?

    Sure, you'll invite family and friends, but the real guests of honor are our dragon friends. So, let's each imagine a dragon buddy.

  • What does your dragon buddy look like — color, size, head and tail, wings?
  • Does it have sharp teeth? What can you compare them to?
  • When you touch your dragon buddy, how does its skin feel?
  • What shape is your dragon's head?
  • What do you think your dragon smells like?
  • Does your dragon make sounds with its mouth?
    When it walks?
  • What's its name?
  • What's your dragon buddy's favorite thing to do?
  • If your dragon were dragging his favorite thing, what would your dragon drag?

What Will Be Different About Having Dragons at the Party?

  • If they're big, how will they get into the party? Will they crash into things? What noises will that make?
  • What could happen with their tails?
  • What could happen if they have wings?
  • What could happen if you feed them something spicy?


    Depending on the type of party you choose, now's the time to create party decorations, costumes, or whatever you'd like to do.

Let's Go Shopping

  • Check the ingredient list for the Gentle Dragon Taco recipe.
  • Then, head to your kitchen or classroom taco store.
  • Choose what you'll need and try to avoid what you don't need.
  • Shopping alternative: The "store" is simply a table with supplies that include the ingredients they need plus a few they don't need — like gummy bears, vinegar, cauliflower... and of course, jalapeños.

Let's Make Some Tacos

Say ¡hola! to Your Guests, and Then Start the Party. ¡Olé!

  • How many dragons have come to your party?
  • What music are you playing?
  • What instruments do the dragons like (other than accordions)?
  • Are they humming along with the music? Tapping their feet in time to the music? If not, could you show them?
  • How do you dance with your dragon?
  • Which version of charades will you play?
  • Are you enjoying your tacos? Are the dragons enjoying your tacos?

Did you find the way to your dragon's heart?

What's on the Menu?

You could try this activity even if you don't have a party.

Who's on the Guest List?

Image for how to plan a dragons love tacos party

Let's Go Shopping

A trip to the store is a great experience for your child, but your child can "shop" for the ingredients at home if you prefer.

Learn more about teaching your child about food at Wonderbaby!
Photo of a dragon cake with tacos on its belly

Let's Make Some Tacos

During this process, you can use the active verbs from the recipe and song. Emphasize prepositions, shapes, and number concepts. Then play the song, using the lyrics as a guide.

What Does Your Dragon Look Like?

How are some of the dragons in the book described?

Pic from the book of dragons partying

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