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You or your child have probably played charades. In a traditional game of charades, one person draws a word, for example, "angry." Without talking, that person acts out the word — shaking a fist, stomping, growling — any actions that seem angry. Eventually, someone in the group guesses correctly.

How does someone with a visual impairment play charades? They can play it well. Try these versions.

Follow the game's instructions below, or

Reverse Charades

  • Your leader chooses a word and lets all players know it, except one person who is "the actor."
  • Everybody else helps the actor act out the word by moving the person's body into the right position or guiding the person to make a movement.
  • The actor has to guess what the word or phrase is.

Description Charades

  • Your leader chooses a word and lets only two players see it.
  • These two players work together. One of the players acts out the word or phrase where only his partner can see him — maybe around a corner or standing behind the other players.
  • The partner is the only one who can see what is being acted out and describes the actions to the rest of the players.
  • The rest of the players have to guess the answer, based only on the description.

Suggested Words for Charades

  • Dragon
  • Tacos
  • Hot Salsa
  • Chopping
  • Stirring
  • Party

This activity was created by Wendy Sapp for Great Expectations

What Am I?

The What Am I game

This clever twist on the classic game of charades makes guessing more fun than ever!

Choose a picture to "build" then gather a selection of magnetic shapes to craft your creation. Fabricate a flower, assemble an airplane, or build a bicycle!

Magnetic game pieces are made of a soft foam material making them chunky and easy to handle. For ages 4 and Up.

Order the game here!

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