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Flavors, smells, and textures can enhance color lessons for children who are blind. Find out how to talk and learn about colors in the kitchen!

Meet 4-year-old Master Chef Erik and his mom as they slice, mix, mash, and talk about the colors in Zoe's fruit salad. Watch how masterfully Erik asserts his independence in the kitchen, and how his mom recognizes just how important that is!

We have also included the recipe for Zoe's Rainbow Fruit Salad below.

Zoe's Rainbow Fruit Salad from Sesame Street

Prep Time: 10 min
Makes: 4 cups

This activity features Erik and Lisamaria Martinez for Great Expectations

Social media image: photos of colorful fruits and veggies, says Learn about colors in the kitchen! Colorful fruit salad recipes, colorful toy ideas, accessible cookbook.
Blind girl had made a fruit salad and holds it in a bowl on her lap
Photo of the Farmers Market Color Sorting Set.

Help your little one practice color matching with this assortment of plastic produce and color-marked baskets from Learning Resources.

Or set up a farmer's market with real food at home!

Did You Know?

Photo of slices red and green apples

Apples can be red, yellow, or green —
but they are always white inside!

Stir It Up!

Book cover for Stir It Up!

Stir It Up! Recipes & Techniques for Young Blind Cooks was created especially for young blind children to get started in the kitchen. Kid-approved recipes with simple instructions are side-by-side with adaptive cooking techniques for young blind cooks.

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