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Categories is a fun and easy hand game you can play anywhere.

All you need is two people, but it is really fun with a group. The purpose of the game is to keep up a clapping rhythm while you are thinking of a word for the category that has been named — all related to colors!

Getting Started

How to Play

For Older Kids

Toughen the competition by eliminating people for mistakes or by not allowing players to switch categories. If someone says a word out of rhythm, or misses a beat and doesn't say something quickly enough, they are out. The next person in line picks up the rhythm again, starting over with "Cate - gories."

This game was created by Janet Ulwick-Sacca for Great Expectations

Hand jive clapping game teaches concept development through rhythm, touch and social play.

Suggested Categories

  • Color names
  • Green foods
  • Blue things
  • Brown animals
  • Black things
  • Red foods

Have Fun!

The stubby blue crayon lies on his back. It sounds easy, but if you don't concentrate, you can miss the beat, or forget what you were going to say, or start laughing and totally mess up!

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