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The crayons in this book have a lot of feelings, don't they?

All feelings are okay to have, and it's also okay to share your feelings with others. How did the crayons share their feelings? They wrote letters!

We Want Your Feeling-est Letters

We love to get mail, especially from someone like you. And we especially want to know what makes you mad, or sad, or happy, or proud. Below are some ideas for how to start writing your letter about feelings. Or, just as wonderful, come up with your own ideas!

A bundle of letters to Duncan, tied in string, from the book

Ideas to Get You Started

Hints for Letter Writing for Preschoolers

Preschoolers should be encouraged to write any parts of the letter they can. This might be whole words, parts of words, or even sounds of words. They can have an adult or older child help with the rest of their letter, or can "write" their letter using scribbles. Blind children can "scribble" on a braillewriter, just like sighted children scribble with crayons or pencils.

Preschoolers should be encouraged to "read" their letters out loud. You might want to audio record and/or video your child "reading" his or her letter.

This activity was created by Melissa Riccobono for Great Expectations.

"Colors can make us feel happy or sad... they can make us feel hungry or relaxed. Let's take a closer look at how color impacts our emotions and behaviors."

See Your Letter on NBP's Website!

Send your letter to NBP and we'll post it on our website!

Send your letter in print or braille (we love braille) to:

National Braille Press
88 Saint Stephen Street
Boston MA 02115
Attn: Feelings Department


Ask an adult to email it to:

Read with Feeling!

Use different tones of voice to convey different feelings.

What does a "sad" voice sound like? Beige crayon knows...
Beige crayon frowns sadly down at the ground

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