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Adult Books--Health

  • Blueprint for Men's Health
  • Did you know that, on average, men are less healthy and have a shorter life expectancy than women? More than half of premature deaths among men are preventable. But you can't prevent a problem if you don't know it exists. This book discusses the main health issues that men face.
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  • For Women Only
  • The signs of a heart attack or a stroke are different in women than in men. Women have a higher risk of osteoporosis and, of course, breast cancer. And they're more likely to suffer from constipation and muscle loss. Here's what women need to know to stay strong and healthy.
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  • Navigating Healthcare When All They Can See Is that You Can't
  • Navigating our complicated health care system is essential for anyone interested in remaining healthy. If you happen to be blind, chances are you are familiar with the misperception by others of what our blindness means.
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  • When Your Ears Can't Help You See
  • Strategies for Blind and Low Vision Individuals with Hearing Loss. Whether you grew up blind or lost your sight in your fifties, here there are techniques and technologies that can work with limited hearing.
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  • Your Personal Path to Fitness
  • Authors Judy Dixon and Bonnie O'Day explore the universal benefits of an active lifestyle, as well as fitness opportunities available to people who are blind or low vision
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