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Children's Books--Tactile Graphics

  • American Flag
  • These brilliant, red, white, and blue flags from KBTI feature tactile stars and stripes. The Pledge of Allegiance is displayed in large print over the red and white stripes, in alternating black and white lettering, and is also written in braille over the red stripes. Select either Contracted or Uncontracted braille! Note that the flags are in EBAE (not UEB).
  • :

  • Humpty Dumpty and Other Touching Rhymes
  • Tactiles, large print & braille, all on the same page.
    A delightful collection of raised-line drawings illustrating classic Mother Goose rhymes. Ages Preschool-9.
  • Format: Large Print/Braille

  • Tactile Landmarks
  • Explore and color five famous buildings and landmarks in this booklet of tactile drawings from Tactile Vision Graphics!
  • Format: Tactile (Braille)

  • Touch the Stars, Fifth edition
  • Tactiles, large print & braille, all on the same page. This astronomy book was written for visually impaired stargazers, and features nineteen new tactile illustrations.
  • Format: Large Print/Braille