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Tactile Graphics

In textbooks and tests, some illustrations are best described with words, but others - like math and science concepts - require tactile representation. When producing tactic graphics, the forethought that goes into the rendering of information is of primary importance to ensure accuracy and readability. Sight absorbs images as a whole, while touch acquires information in pieces. Therefore, most drawings or graphs must be carefully re-designed for reading with the fingertips.

A guiding principal in the design of raised-line drawings is simplicity. Any confusing detail must be eliminated; less is more in this case. Our staff handles thousands of graphic images every year. Their experience is critical to the success of the graphic. Appropriate symbols to represent items such as rivers, boundaries, curves on a graph, and so forth must follow consistent guidelines. Otherwise, the user would not be able to meaningfully interpret the information. Each graphic we do is carefully constructed to be tactually readable.

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