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Picture of Sadie Can Count

Sadie Can Count

by Ann Cunningham


Format: Print/Braille

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In Uncontracted Braille
with Full-Color Tactile Drawings

A Full Color, Tactile Counting Book...
and a multi-sensory approach to early learning!

Join Sadie as she explores her world and counts everyday treasures along the way. As Sadie moves along the floor, she finds 1 ball, 2 socks, 3 books, and so on, all the way up to 10 beads. Each object is represented in tactile format, so children can count the objects.

Help your child take their critical first step toward literacy by introducing tactile and visual symbols that represent common objects like socks, keys and shells.

Children using touch will come to love Ann Cunningham's lively pictures, numbers and words.
- John M. Kennedy, author, "Drawing and the Blind"

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