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The Mac Sierra Operating System: A Brief Overview of What's New

by Janet Ingber

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In one volume

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Popular technology writer Janet Ingber takes you through a brief overview of what's new in the Mac Sierra operating system. Coverage includes Siri; unlocking your phone with your Apple Watch; Handoff and Continuity; iCloud Drive and Optimized Storage; VoiceOver improvements; iTunes and Apple Music; Wallet and Apple Pay; Auto-Unlock and Universal Clipboard; and more. This single volume, reference card format guide is meant to be a quick tutorial for the seasoned Mac user who has — or is considering — upgrading their operating system to Sierra.

Getting Started with Sierra
    Turning VoiceOver On
    Learning the New Keyboard
    The Thunderbolt Ports
    Touch Bar Basics
    Transferring Information from Another Computer
    Setting Up Your Computer
    Getting Help
    Making Your Computer Work Better With VoiceOver
    Using the Function Keys to Control Software
    Going Through All Controls in a Dialogue Box
    Having VoiceOver Keep Your Place
    Making Web Pages Easier to Navigate
    Turning Off the Mac
Siri Comes to the Mac
    Setting Up Siri
    Siri and Location
    Reading What Siri Says
    What Can Siri Do?
Locking and Unlocking Your Mac
    Password Protection
    Setting Up Touch ID
    Unlocking Your Mac with Your Apple Watch
    On an iOS device
    On a Mac
Handoff and Continuity
    Setting Up Handoff
    On the Mac
    On an iOS device
Desktop and Documents Folders
    On the Mac
    Opening the iCloud Drive Folder
    Retrieving Files from iCloud Drive on Your iOS Device
Optimized Storage
    Checking Hard Drive Space
VoiceOver Improvements
iTunes and Apple Music
    The iTunes Layout
    Wallet and Apple Pay
    The Universal Clipboard
    Copying Using the Universal Clipboard
    Copying Text from a Mac to an iOS Device
    Copying Text from an iOS Device to a Mac
Changes in System Preferences
The Accessibility Pane
Some Other App Updates