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Picture of Totally Silly Jokes

Totally Silly Jokes

by Alison Grambs


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Ages: Elementary School and up
In one volume

What's guaranteed to make you giggle and guffaw, curl up in a ball, and split your sides? These jokes will, because they're the silliest, zaniest, wackiest, and most groan-inducing you've ever heard!

Aside from being silly fun, these jokes and puns play with words and language and spelling:

What's a nice gift to give a pasty chef?

Why did Dracula go to the doctor?
Because he couldn't stop coffin.

Why did one font drop the other font?
He wasn't her type.

The gags are divided into such categories as Mother Nature, Getting Around, School Days, Bringing Home the Bacon, Shore Thing, Home Sweet Home, Food for Thought, and others; all are sure to tickle any young funny bone. Go ahead, we dare you not to laugh!