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Application & Requirements

Download the application

Applications will be accepted from individuals, groups, or someone advocating on behalf of either.

Submission Requirements:

  1. Signed Application form.

    • If application is submitted by a third party, the form must be signed by both the applicant and the individual/representative of the nominated group.
    • If application is being submitted for a group, only one member of the group needs to sign the form, and will be the primary contact during the adjudication process.
    • You can submit both the signed and unsigned copies, if you are scanning in the document, for accessibility.

  2. Outline in 600 words or less that shows the following:

    • What the project/innovation is;
    • How the project exhibits innovation. Keep in mind that innovation is defined, generally, as a remarkable improvement of discovery, in this case, one that has direct impact on tactile literacy for blind people and meets other prize criteria.

  3. Supporting materials in 10 pages or less that includes the following:

    • A descriptive summary for both the potential and fully realized projects
    • Potential for an emerging project, including target markets, production costs, and how it will be brought to market
    • Measurements of success and impact on the industry for a completed/developed product.
    • Express any challenges or limitations that you have experienced with production or distribution, or that you anticipate.
    • Include any other information that you think will be helpful.

  4. 2 letters of recommendation from individuals that are in a position to comment on the innovation. These should come directly to NBP from the recommender and can be emailed to

  5. A working prototype. Please be sure to include simple instructions for testing.

  6. Deadline: January 25, 2019

Submission Guidelines:

Deadline: January 25, 2019

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