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with Judges of the Touch of Genius Prize

What is tactile literacy?

Literacy through a sense of touch, this can include braille, as well as tactile images. Tactile literacy implies that individuals who are blind will have greater access to information and learning.

What types of products are the judges looking for?

Our judges hope to foster new thoughts, creations, and thinking outside the box to improve the lives of blind people. Your project can involve software and apps for education, professionals, or gaming, or a tactile/braille hardware device that promotes learning and literacy. You can check out the PAST WINNERS to see some of the innovations that have one in previous years.

What do you look for in an application?

Innovation, of course. It must be creative, inventive, original, pioneering, and should have viability, that is to say that it not only works, but it's worth building. Your project can still be under development, but we do ask that you submit a working prototype for us to accurately assess your design. We would love to see a project that not only improves upon existing tactile approaches, but helps to change the way we think about tactile literacy and has the potential to in the world of knowledge for the blind community.

Is there a set format for the Outcome Realization document?

There is no set format as long as it includes all the necessary information.

What are accessible formats?

Some of our judges are sighted and some are blind, so it must be accessible by everyone. Any document that can be read by a screen reader - generally .txt, .doc, .pdf are all accessible — so no scanned documents. If there are any photos, be sure to provide descriptions; if there are any videos, it must be able to stand alone with audio only and not rely on visual context.

How should I present my prototype?

Please make sure to include complete usage instructions. Also include return instructions, should you like to have your prototype returned after adjudication. If needed, we may schedule a phone/video call with you during adjudication to answer questions on your prototype.

How should I send everything?

All application materials, questions, and recommendations should be sent electronically to If you are sending a physical prototype, please mail it to TOG Prize, National Braille Press, 88 Saint Stephen St., Boston, MA 02115.

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