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How can I purchase the B2G?

You can purchase the B2G directly from National Braille Press by calling 800-548-7323 ext. 520.

How can I get technical support for my B2G?

We are setting up a technical support line now, however, in the meantime you can call customer service at 617-425-2520 or Email B2G tech support at

Can I copy files from my computer onto the B2G?

The B2G can copy files just like any other computer. It has a file management app that allows you to copy, and paste to and from an SD card or a USB drive.

Can the B2G do UEB and EBAE?

Yes, you can select whether you want to type in contracted or uncontracted braille in UEB or EBAE.

Where can I save files?

The B2G has internal and external memory capabilities. With the file manager you can make your own directories, and save files such as documents, photos, and music.

Can the NBP Editor create docx files?

Yes, the NBP Editor can save files as .doc and .docx, plus other formats as well.

Can I download apps from the Google Play Store onto the B2G?

Yes, of course! We've also provided easy download links for apps that may be of special interest to B2G users here, but you can download any app from the Google Play Store as well!

Can you use the NLS BARD app on the B2G?

Yes, the Android BARD app can be downloaded onto the B2G for BARD customers. It is on the B2G Resources page with APPS you can download.

Can I use a QWERTY keyboard with the B2G?

Yes, you can plug in a QWERTY keyboard into the USB port or use a Bluetooth keyboard with the B2G. A mouse can also be used the same way.

Can you connect to a monitor?

Yes, the B2G has a composite video port (RCA jack) that can be used for diagnostics and connecting to a monitor or television. The output is similar to a smartphone or tablet that shows your apps, photos, and documents on the screen.

Is the B2G capable of working with different languages? If so, how do I insert extended characters such as é, ü, ñ, and ® amoung others?

In the settings mode you can choose from up to 60 languages, however, you can also set the B2G to type in Unicode where many symbols can be rendered. These tables are also included in the User Interface manual.

A photo of NBP's B2G device

Zone 24x7 logo

NBP would like to recognize Zone24x7 for their talented engineering support. They've been working with us since we began the b2g design years ago.

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