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100 Hungry Ants (with blocks)
This book introduces simple math equivalents while you're busy following the drama. In place of the ants, we have included 100 snap-together plastic cubes to re-enact the drama. You can also use them to build other things or to play games! Ages 4-8
Format: Print/Braille

12 Amazing Tricks
Kids will love amazing their friends with these twelve magic tricks that use items found around the house.
Format: eBraille (download)

2016 Peanuts "Happiness Is" Calendar
The 2016 Peanuts calendar celebrates the famous "Happiness Is..." series, with a "happiness is" quote and drawing each month to illustrated the many ways that happiness can express itself! All your favorite Peanuts characters are here: Linus, Sally, Lucy, Charlie Brown, and - of course - Snoopy and Woodstock!
Format: Print/Braille

50 Scrumptious Recipes from is a leading culinary e-commerce company that powers some of the biggest names in cooking. What does that mean for you? It means a solid list of recipes you will cook, devour, save, and pass on to family and friends. Try their Blueberry and Lemon French Toast Casserole, Broiled Shrimp and Avocado "Cocktails," Baked Garlic Parmesan Potato Wedges, One-Pot Pasta Caprese, Fresh Corn Chowder, and Simply Chocolate Cake. This is a great gift as well!

51 Things We Can Do to Save the Environment
Can one person slow global warming? Only if each one of us takes personal responsibility. This free booklet, originally published by TIME magazine, outlines 51 ways you can "go green."
Format: eBraille (download)

The Adversity Advantage: Turning Everyday Struggles Into Everyday Greatness
The Adversity Advantage: Turning Everyday Struggles Into Everyday Greatness. Co-authored by Dr. Paul Stoltz, the world's leading expert on the science of adversity, and Erik Weihenmayer, the only blind person to climb Mt. Everest and the "Seven Summits," The Adversity Advantage provides seven proven principles for converting challenges into the never-ending fuel to power our lives and enterprises to growth and innovation. In this groundbreaking work, readers learn to harness the energy of adversity to propel themselves and their teams to greatness."
Format: eBraille (download)

After Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer - Understanding Your Treatment Options
This booklet from the American Cancer Society gives you general information about prostate cancer, the tests your doctor may order, treatment options, and common side effects as well as other resources for more information. You can use this book as a reference or resource, or read it all at once for an overview - either way, having the good information in this booklet will help you make the best possible

A House Is a House for Me
Where does everyone and everything live? In this rollicking book about houses, some are familiar like ant hills or dog kennels. And others are surprising, like corn husks and pea pods. March 2015 Book Club Selection. Ages Preschool and up.
Format: Print/Braille

Amazing Mazes
This book of 16 tactile mazes from Tactile Vision Graphics opens a whole new world of learning- progressing from easy to difficult - featuring lines, corridors, ladders and even more challenging graphs.
Format: Print/Braille

American Flag
These brilliant, red, white and blue flags from KBTI feature tactile stars and stripes. The Pledge of Allegiance is displayed in large print over the red and white stripes, in alternating black and white lettering, and is also written in braille over the red stripes. Select either Contracted or Uncontracted braille!

And Here's to You!
David Elliott's infectiously joyful poem invites us to celebrate the world's vast diversity - and feel pretty happy with our place in it, too. October 2015 Book Club Selection. Ages 2 to 8.
Format: Print/Braille

Animal Kisses
Our best-selling board book! A touch-and-feel print/braille board book includes a menagerie of animals with fuzzy, sticky, and rubbery mouths just waiting for big smooches. In uncontracted (grade 1) braille. Reading level: Baby-Preschool
Format: Print/Braille

Anyone Can Play: Accessible Games for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Not long ago, the only games available to a braille reader were a deck of braille cards and a few expensive board games. Gloriously, the iPhone has brought us all manner of portable accessible diversions - from word puzzles to fantasy adventures. And anyone can play, no experience required! A host of blind gamers have put together their favorite accessible iDevice game apps; they tell you how they work and what it takes to win!

Dr. Atkins Carbohydrate Gram Counter
Count your calories, protein, fiber, net carbs, fat grams - and of course your carbs - in this handy reference book.
Format: eBraille (download)

Baking Illustrated: Chapter One
A baking encyclopedia with 49 tested recipes for Quick Breads, Muffins, Biscuits and Scones.
Format: eBraille (download)

Baking Illustrated: Chapter 6: Crisps, Cobblers, and Other Fruit Desserts
Nineteen recipes for perfect crisps and cobblers, not to mention a strudel, two pandowdies (apple and pear), and a strawberry shortcake!
Format: eBraille (download)

Baking Illustrated: Chapter 8: Cookies and Brownies
The good folks at America's Test Kitchen have painstakingly tested every recipe they could find in order to discover the perfect, most fool-proof recipe for, say, the best sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, and of course, chocolate chip cookies.
Format: eBraille (download)

Describes the basketball court, uniform, and playing positions in simple, kid-friendly language, and covers everything about basketball, including its history, rules for play, and its ten biggest stars. Ages 4-9. This book will be available in October 2006.
Format: Print/Braille

Bat Loves the Night
Non-fiction at its very best... Explore the world of this tiny creature! September 2014 Book Club Selection. Ages 5 to 9.
Format: Print/Braille

Because Books Matter
Introduces new parents (and teachers) to the joys of reading print/braille books with blind children. The booklet shares basics about the braille code and why braille reading is so important. Send for your free copy today! (Limit: One per customer)
Format: Large Print

1-20 of 238 shown
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