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Want to learn how to draw a tactile building or landmark in less than five minutes? Watch this short video and see how tactile artist Ann Cunningham does it!

Julie Deden is director of the Colorado Center for the Blind, and Dan Burke is in charge of student transition into higher education at the center.

How to Make a Quick Tactile Drawing

Blind People Can Be Visual Learners, Too

Tasha Chemel is a blind artist and writer, currently pursuing her Master's degree at Harvard. Here she talks about being a visual learner and why tactile images are so important to her understanding of the world.

Photo of an outdoor tactile map/plaque

This activity was created by Ann Cunningham for Great Expectations.


Teacher and boy using the inTACT Sketchpad

The inTACT Sketchpad makes it possible to create freehand tactile drawings easily. An eraser is available as well!
Photo of drawing board with drawing of a butterfly on it.

You can make your own inexpensive Sewell Drawing Board, or order one from the Braille Superstore. Using this board, after you trace the lines, you must turn the paper over to feel them.

You Can Talk About Architecture at the Earliest Age!

Photo of a tactile drawing, made by child, of Three Little Pigs houses

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