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Here's a word game that uses building terms!

Word games are fun and can help kids become proficient in reading, writing, and spelling. Here are some ideas on how to build your child's literacy skills while enjoying some family time.

Anagram Word Game

By rearranging letters in a word you get an "anagram" — words found in a longer word. Here's an example:

What words can be made from "ELEPHANTS?"

    Some answers could be: ant, ants, pant, pants, help.

Get the idea? See how many new words you can make from the building terms below.

Let's go!

Tip: If your child is a braille reader, use braille word tiles from Bananagrams or Scrabble. You can also make your own word tiles.


    (Some answers: scraper, scrape, sky, scrap, cap, car, scar, parks, park)


    (Some answers: bid, rid, big, beg, bride, ride)


    (Some answers: win, no, now, wow, wind, won)


    (Some answers: of, or)


    (Some answers: tow, or, ore, wet, woe, wore)


    (Some answers: cast, case, cat, cats, let, tale)


    (Some answers: corn, no, cone)


    (Some answers: arch, arc, art, hit, hate, hat, chat, cheat)


    (Some answers: ham, harm, arm, are)

Make Your Own Braille Word Tiles

Idea from Paths to Literacy

What You'll Need

How to Create Word Tiles

Organize Your Tiles to Create Words

These activities were created by Lisamaria Martinez for Great Expectations.


Image from the book - Miss Greer holds her finger to her lips thoughtfully as she crosses Iggy's bridge

Braille Anagrams

Build anagrams in braille with Bananagrams: tiles in print and braille!

Image of Bananagram game

Or use these braille scrabble tiles!

Image of braille letter tiles

Make Your Own Holder!

Sample folder holding tiles

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