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In the book Amazing Grace, Grace never stops believing in herself. She has a lot of confidence and a wonderful imagination! What makes YOU feel confident?

Animal Role Play

Exploring characters through dramatic play can help kids build confidence in their ability to express themselves. Choose an animal and have your child free play as that animal. Afterward, explore with the child why that animal feels confident.

What You'll Need

Exploring the Concept of Self-Confidence in Amazing Grace

What are some ways Grace shows us she is confident?

The teacher tells the class that they will audition for roles to be in the class play. Grace wants to play Peter Pan but Grace's classmates tell her she can't because she's a girl and because she's black.

grace is comforted by nana and her mother

Discussion Questions

Later, Nana takes Grace to a ballet, Romeo and Juliet, where we find out from the picture that Juliet is played by a black dancer.

grace and her nana stand in front of the poster outside the ballet

Discussion Questions

This activity was created by Hilary Kleck for Great Expectations.

Make an Animal Mask

Key Questions to Ask Kids

  • When do you feel most confident?
  • What are you good at doing?
  • How do you feel if someone says you can't do something?
  • What is something your friend is really good at doing?

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