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Masks are great props for dramatic play! Instead of making one mask, how about making a mask where you can change the face depending on your mood?

By mixing and matching different eyes, ears, noses, mouths, and whiskers you can create a bunny, fox, cat, bear cub, or chipmunk mask — or just put the parts together to make a silly creature from your imagination!

What You'll Need

How to Make Masks

completed bunny mask completed chipmunk mask completed fox mask
Bunny, Chipmunk, Fox

This activity was created by Kesel Wilson for Great Expectations.

Tactile Tips

home-made monster mask using tactile pipe cleaners
  • Print or emboss the patterns directly on to different textured papers.
  • Print or emboss the patterns on to cardstock and use glitter glue or puffy paint for the lines.
  • Skip the patterns altogether and use different sized buttons for the eyes, different shaped pastas for the teeth, and hard candies for the noses!

Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head is the ultimate man of many faces! You can mix and match his face parts to create different characters.

You can also make your own Mr. Potato Head at home with items from your home. Using a potato as a base, unleash your imagination!

home-made mr potato head has blueberry eyes, mushroom ears, etc...

What Shape Is that Ear?

Photo of two rabbits

Different animals have differently-shaped ears. Rabbits have tall ears rounded at the top. Fox have short and pointed ears. What is a dog's ear shaped like? How about a cat? If you have a pet, feel their ear and try to describe its shape.

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