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Get kids up and moving while they practice braille skills and learn about direction!

This dance activity reinforces body movements and helps blind and visually impaired children develop awareness of where their bodies are in space. It's also a perfect way to pass a rainy afternoon, entertain a crowd at a party, or exercise as a family.

What You'll Need

Dance! Dance! for Blind Kids

based on the Dance Dance Revolution video game by Konami

Preparing to Play

The Game

Playing the Game

Watch a blind 19-year-old learn to tap dance by listening
to the sound of her instructor's movements.

This activity was created by Melissa Riccobono for Great Expectations.

What Are Cardinal Directions?

    North = straight ahead
    South = behind
    East = right
    West = left

Animated gif of the Dance! Dance Revolution dance floor arrows, blinking

Do the Grapevine!

Tips for Younger Players

  • 1. Make up your own simple movements.
  • 2. Use two categories of cards instead of three: Dance Moves and Directions, Hand Motions and Dance Moves, Directions and Hand Motions.
  • 3. You decide! It's your dance party!

Tips for Advanced Players

  • 1. For more advanced players, explain that northeast means ahead and to the right, southeast means behind and to the right, etc.
  • 2. Have the caller draw the cards quickly!
  • 3. Make up your own movements that have a silly twist! Like, hop on one foot while scratching your back!

Why Dance?

Image from the book of Grace dancing

For blind or low vision kids, dance can improve movement, coordination, independence, and can also help them increase orientation and mobility skills. Learn more about dance adaptations for visually impaired children.

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