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Blind kids benefit from picture descriptions every bit as much as sighted kids do from seeing the pictures. Don't forget to share these picture descriptions, written by a descriptive audio expert, especially for Great Expectations!

Picture Descriptions for Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes

These descriptions were written by Jill Robbins for Great Expectations

Practice Your Colors!

Image from Pete book: Pete on top of a huge pile of something red, says 'Oh no, Pete stepped in a large pile of ...'

If Pete stepped in a pile of strawberries, what color would his shoes be?

If Pete stepped in a puddle of lemonade, what color would his shoes be?

Teach your child about colors by playing this game!

Colors Matter!

Image shows crayons tips, and says, '6 tips for explaining colors to a blind child'

Pete loves colors, especially red! Check out Six Tips for Explaining Colors to a Blind Child.

Did Pete Learn to Play the Guitar Online?

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