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Playing with tactile mazes can be a fun way to talk about movement, getting lost, and plotting a course with your blind child.

Does Pete worry if he gets lost? Goodness, no!

Below are instructions for making your own tactile mazes, or:

Woman and bind boy play with the Ziploc squish maze.

Maze Description

This is a simple maze that can be really squishy and fun to play with! It's completely enclosed, so it's also a fun quiet bag that you can take with you on car rides or when you need something to occupy little hands. The activity is to push the ball around the maze.

What You'll Need

How to Make Your Ziploc Squish Maze

Shows the bead/marble in the Ziploc maze

Some Fun Alternatives

This activity was created by Amber Bobnar of for Great Expectations.


Boy explores hidden maze

Create a secret shape or maze hidden within two sealed pie plates! Listen to the sounds and feel the weight of the marble inside for clues to solve the puzzle!
Photo of kid's hands playing with straw maze

Glue straws to the bottom of a cracker box to make this fun maze. Tilt the box and feel the marble roll, or reach in and find the right path with your fingers!
Photo of a red and blue lego maze

What a neat idea! All you need are some LEGOs and a marble. Want an extra challenge? Make the maze walls a little bit taller!
Kids hands play with yellow fabric maze

Got some sewing skills? Create your very own fabric marble maze that is completely enclosed. Or try this alternative in which a bead on a string rolls in and out of the fabric.
Kid's head pops up in the middle of a large cardboard maze

Who says mazes are only for fingers? Get your whole body moving in a maze! Check out this design for a large cardboard box maze and build your own!

Have a Tactile Maze Idea?

Do you have ideas for tactile mazes? Please send us an email at and let us know! If you have pictures, we'd love to share them!
Image shoes all mazes, says '6 DIY tactile mazes for visually-impaired kids

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